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Our objectives for were as follows: Google's robust secure platform for blogging + email marketing solution + Google GSuite for Small Business at tight budget and time frame to put the project online. +Implemented SEO strategy gives us 1st places at China's and Russia's (keywords "solutions for small business").
janet, CoO (United kingdom)


website - landing pages - newsletter

What makes your website so alluring? We believe the answer is designe and functionality. Your website gets you more sales and greater customer satisfaction ! - Construction company in Lithuania involved mainly in modular houses development. What was great, that develped our new website in the given time frame and the design we love . Keep the pace Europus!


SEO copywriting - seo audit

Drive more traffic to your website ! Thriving in your online business means that you must go beyond simply “writing content.” Your content needs to accomplish two goals: first, appeal to Your customers and second, solve a particular problem. We will write  SEO friendly content for you.

"Kavares" core business is legal services for business in russia and guiding Cryptocurrency Investors in all aspects. Our goal was to get in the first places of if to search "центр юридического сопровождения". Europus did it: has 1st place now! Excelent job guys!


newsletter, sms marketing

Exceptional email campaigns need to be cleverly written and planned  to attract attention in busy inboxes 

"I developed a great partnership with the team of and their dedication to my business nature of manual therapy / ostheopathy in all aspects. The WebSite helps us to get and serve customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia! Thanks a lot, Tomas!"
genady_avdeev manual therapy


Customer relationship management

Track leads, optimise your sales activities, and close deals faster.
Cloud based CRM solution helps you track sales activities, predict customer behaviour, automate, and keep sales processes streamlined. was the best deal we found after having looked at other a dozen alternatives. Our goal was to get mininimalistic design, that fits our sustainability focused business and secure blogging platform CRM solution improves business performance.


the bonuses you get !

Easy to use edit

Content Management

A content management system (CMS): After you get your personal website, you can easily edit it by Yourself !

If you still do not have, we create you Facebook, Gplus, Twitter, Instagram accounts

Social Media

If you still do not have, we create you Facebook, Gplus, Twitter, Instagram accounts


Cyber Security

The Enhanced Security Package, that blocks potential intruders to your website and scans for security issues

Google Analytics gives you opportunity to better understand your visitors.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you opportunity to better understand your visitors.

РЕСТОРАН "БЕЛЫЙ ПАРУС" - - это уютный ресторан, который находится в Чабанке, недалеко от Одессы. Спасибо Томас за качественно сделаный сайт и CRM интеграцию !
ИРИНА, Директор (Украина)
Sodyba Pievų Menė, Žvejų Namelio Nuoma, Anglų kalbos Kursai

Svetainė, skirta kaimo turizmo sodybos teikiamoms paslaugų ir renginių organizavimo reprezentacijai.

Stasė, vadovė (Lietuva)

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